Friday, July 3, 2009

4th of July and more fun =p

Last night, i decided to have an easy night and play with one of the minor (at the time) bugs I initially sent to PALM. Well after doing some fun things (and stupid)to exploit it, I had to re-flash my phone and manually edit some files to get my phone back up to speed. So roughly an hour+ later and help from my friends in #webos-internals (special thanks to mdklein) I was able to get my phone back to normal.

What would be really nice is if Palm sent me an SDK (I did sign up) so I don't keep breaking my phone =]

This sounds more scary than it is since im not allowed to provide details, but messing with contact lists can get hairy if you consider the threats that vcards and various other contact lists that Palm's WebOS doesn't ASK you to add to your phone. WebOS just downloads all your contacts from say Exchange, Gmail, whatever and adds them to your phone.

Special Thanks to Dan Czarnecki (coworker at Sypris Electronics and whom I found the first bug with in the room =p) who thought of vcards =p as a medium of transport.

I am going to send an update to Palm today and let them know the findings and again SADLY wait to report it, because I was specifically asked to wait until it was fixed to release information.

Tricking users into accepting bad vcards or other contact information links and the like is always a fun day =)

Happy start to your weekend =]


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