Monday, August 3, 2009

Palm Pre WebOS 1.0.4 Remote execution of arbitrary HTML code vulnerability

Back from Defcon and I submitted this vulnerability to the usual lists. Enjoy, I have more =p

I. Description

The Palm Pre WebOS version 1.0.4 (previous version as well) allows a remote attacker to execute arbitrary HTML code on the phone via certain applications. The affected applications involve the native email application via the notifications system as well as the native calendar application.

The vendor has been contacted and a patch has been released:

WebOS 1.1 - Here

II. Impact

Email Notification System:

A remote attacker is able to construct a malicious email that will cause the Palm Pre WebOS to execute arbitrary HTML code if the notification system is enabled. Upon receiving a malicious email where the FROM field contains HTML code, the Palm Pre WebOS will issue a user a notification that an email has arrived and execute the HTML code of the attacker’s choice. This vulnerability does not require user interaction.

Calendar Application:

A remote attacker can create a malicious calendar event putting arbitrary HTML code inside the event/title field that can be executed without user interaction. To trigger this vulnerability, one of the following conditions must occur:

1. The victim Views the Calendar event and the malicious HTML will be executed.
2. The victim enables a reminder notice for the malicious calendar event, upon being notified of the reminder, the
malicious HTML code will be executed.
3. The calendar event triggers and the malicious HTML code will be executed.

In cases where calendar events can be sent to users without interaction/acceptance, the risk of this vulnerability is higher.

III. Proof of Concept

The following HTML code can be used to provide a proof of concept for each of the vulnerabilities listed in this advisory:

"Test <META http-equiv="refresh" content="1;URL=">"

Thanks: My Wife and daughter (gave time to work =] ), Dan Czarnecki, Chris Rohlf, Jeremy Rasmussen

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